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6BTA 5.9

Cummins Engine Parts  (CDC 6.590) Turbocharged Aftercooled
Non-Emission 359 Cubic Inch Piston Std. Marked: 7156
CPL: 599, 600, 698, 712, 715, 742*, 792, 834, 912, 940, 961, 962, 983, 998, 1174, 1209, 1518, 1519, 1523, 1524, 1581, 2050, 2891  *Marine Engine

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OK2100/6     Engine Overhaul Kit    Std
OK2102/6     Engine Overhaul Kit    0.50mm
OK2104/6   Engine Overhaul Kit    1.00mm 
IK2100/6     In-Frame kit    Std
IK2102/6     In-Frame kit    0.50mm
IK2104/6   In-Frame kit    1.00mm
C3802100   Piston Kit    Std. 
C3802102   Piston Kit    0.50mm
C3802104     Piston Kit    1.00mm
C3904166    Repair Sleeve     
C3802070   Main Bearing Set    Std.
C3802071   Main Bearing Set    0.25mm
C3802072   Main Bearing Set    0.50mm
C3802073   Main Bearing Set    0.75mm
C3901170   Con Rod Bearing    Std.
C3901171   Con Rod Bearing    0.25mm 
C3901172   Con Rod Bearing    0.50mm
C3901173     Con Rod Bearing    0.75mm
C3904353    Front Seal     
C3353978    Rear Seal    
C3907804    Crankshaft     
10  C3906080    Front Seal Sleeve     
11  C3906081    Rear Seal Sleeve     
12  C3912473   Rectangular Seal    
13  C3901258    Crankshaft Gear     
14  C3802363    Top Gasket Set    
14  C3802376    Bottom Gasket Set    
14  C3921394    Head Gasket    
14  C3931346    Oil Pan Gasket     
14  C3902666    Valve Cover Gasket     
14  C3916131    Gear Housing Gasket     
14  C3928493    Rear Cover Gasket     
15  C3901085    Bushing, Piston     
16  C3901306    Bushing, Cam     
17  C3900919    Bolt, Con Rod     
18  C3901569    Con Rod     
19 C3944593   Bolt, Ex. Manifold    
20  C3914639    Camshaft     
21  C3925031    Tappet     
22  C3904679   Push Rod     
23  C3910811    Rocker Arms 6  
23  C3910810    Rocker Arms 6  
24  C3907431    Camshaft Gear    
25  C3904408    Guide, Valve   Thick W. 60.50mm IN
25  C3904409   Guide, Valve   Thick W. 51.75mm EX
25  C3906206 (2) Guide, Valve   Thin Wall 
25  C3802355    Intake Valve Kit   Consists of:
C3901117 Valve x1
C3900250 Collet x2
25  C3906854    Insert, Intake Valve     
25  C3802356    Exhaust Valve Kit    Consists of:
C3901607 Valve x1
C3900250 Collet x2
25  C3904105    Insert, Exhaust Valve     
25  C3900276    Spring, Valve  12  
25  C3921640    Seal, Valve  12  
25  C3900299    Retainer, Valve  12  
26  C3921558    Oil Cooler 7 Plate     
27  C3926760    Oil Cooler Gasket    
28  C3929792     Oil Cooler Gasket Filter Head     
29  C3802358    Water Pump     
30  C3906698    Water Pump Seal     
31  C3802273    Thermostat     
32  C3926203    Oil Pump     
33  C3918000    Lift Pump     
34  C3904374   (3) Lift Pump     
35  C3913381   (4) Cylinder Head (With Valves)     
43  C3920779    Head Bolts 6  
43  C3920780    Head Bolts 14  
(1) Sold in Pairs.
(2) May be Used on Both Intake and Exhaust.
(3) Diaphragm Style
(4) Do not use on Marine Engines.

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