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John Deere Replacement Engine Parts
4 Cyl

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AT86992   Engine Overhaul Kit  1  
IK86992   Engine In-Frame Kit   
TRE30250   Piston-Liner Kit   
TRE19282   Piston   4 Per Engine  
TRE66820   Piston Ring     
TR125754   Piston Pin    
TR116281   Liner, Cyl & O'ring Kit    
TAR65507   O'ring Kit    
TM41029   Piston Pin Retainer    
10 TRE27352   Main Bearing    STD 
10 TRE27353   Main Bearing    .010 
10 TRE27360   Main Bearing    .020 
10 TRE27368   Main Bearing    .030 
11  TAT21139   Thrust Bearing   STD 
11  TAT21132   Thrust Bearing   .010 
11  TAT21134   Thrust Bearing   .020 
11  TAT21136   Thrust Bearing   .030 
12  TRE27348   Con Rod Bearing    STD 
12 TRE27349   Con Rod Bearing    .010 
12 TRE27358   Con Rod Bearing    .020 
12 TRE27364   Con Rod Bearing    .030 
13  TAR67942   Front Seal     
14  TRE44574   Rear Seal     
15  TAT18030   Crankshaft    
15  TAT20585   Crankshaft    
16  TT20094   Crankshaft Gear    
17  TR114282   Ring Gear   (142T)
18  TR81989   Sleeve, Front    
19  TH35244   Packing, Sleeve    
20 TRE501579   O/H Gasket Set     
21  TRE38851   Head Gasket Set    
22  TR125863   Head Gasket    
23  TR97342   Oil Pan Gasket    
24  TR73521   Rocker Cover Gasket    
24  TR106796   (3) Rocker Cover Gasket    
25  TR55647   Bush, Con Rod  4  
26  TR80033   Bolt, Con Rod  8  
27  TR57160   (4) Bushing, Bal. Shaft 6  
28  TRE26282   (*) Bal. Shaft R/H     
29  TRE26283   (*) Bal. Shaft L/H    
30  TR82820   (8) Camshaft    
31      Bal. Shaft Stop    
32  TRE16495   Con Rod    
33  TRE55343   (2) Oil Pump    
34  TRE31929   Oil Cooler     
35      Rocker Arm    
36      Rocker Shaft    
37  TR113752   Oil Pump Tube     
38 TR85363   (1) Cyl Hd Cap Screw  18  
39  TAT24525   (6) Lower Gear    
40 TT26321   Lower Bushing    
41 TAT18009   (6) Upper Gear    
42 TT20034   Upper Bushing    
43 TT20073   Cam. Follower    
44 TT20070   (6) Cam. Gear    
45  TR98062   Valve, Intake   STD 
45  TR97490   Valve, Intake    .015 
46  TR90692   Valve, Exhaust    STD 
46  TR97492   Valve, Exhaust    .015 
47  TR98063   Valve Insert  (Intake)   STD 
47  TR98335   Valve Insert  (Intake)   O/S 
47  TR85687   Valve Insert  (Exhaust)   STD 
47  TR93910   Valve Insert  (Exhaust)   O/S 
48  TRE31617   Seal, Valve     
49  TR91889   Lock, Valve     
50  TR26125   Spring, Valve     
51  TRE60005   Rotator, Valve     
52     O'ring, Valve     
53 TAR48675   Thermostat   180F
54  TT23620   Thermostat Cover    
55  TRE42211   Fuel Transfer Pump     
55  TRE38009   (7) Fuel Transfer Pump     
56  TRE19507   Water Pump Repair Kit (w/o Impeller)    
56  TRE62658   Water Pump Repair Kit (w/ Impeller)    
57  TAR97708   Water Pump   (m)R73604
57  TRE60489   Water Pump   (m)R100812, R127337
R127918, R56164
58  TRE36936   Injector, Pencil     
59  TR60746   Seal    
59  TR48000   Seal    
(*) If these engines use bolt on weights shafts use TAR69710 RH and TAR69711 LH.
(1) Replace all R78558 Cap Screws with Flanged Head Cap Screw TR85363.
(2) May use High cap, Pump, Oil TRE655580.
(3) O'ring not included in Gasket Set. Used in Saran Engines. Order Separately.
(4) TR91708 (Out.Diam 2.00 /0.078in ) Larger and TR57160R (inner Diam 0.5mm / 0.020in ) Smaller, are also available.
(5) Saran engines may use TRE64354.
(6) Helicoidal Gears.
(7) Saran Engines.
(8) Threaded Type, For Late 4039 models TRE55901 kit (Camshaft, and Tappets) is available.

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